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This website is no longer maintained.


Music Links is a comprehensive searchable database of links to music websites. Music Links covers, and is restricted to, four major genres (refer to the front page for a more extensive list of synonyms):

Music Links contains links to websites of artists, record labels, record stores, organizations, events, locations, media websites, research websites, educational websites, and other resources.

This website is strictly non-commercial. We do not sell or advertise any products, whether related or unrelated to the websites linked to from this site.

All the links in the database are automatically checked at regular intervals, and broken links are repaired or removed, using sophisticated web technology, to ensure the best possible functionality with up-to-date contents.

Programming and design: Karl-Michael Schneider.


Number of links in the database as of Friday, December 9, 2022:

Jazz Links: 3018
New Music Links: 908
Electronic Music Links: 1006
Indian Music Links: 238


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